Afroshine Holdings Nelspruit (Mbombela) Mpumalanga, Gauteng Johannesburg. Printing & Branding Services, Public Relations, Catering & Hiring Services, Sanitation & mobile Toilets Nelspruit, Facility & Conference Management, Vehicle Branding  

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Afroshine believes that giving back starts at home, corporate social responsibility is an important and crucial component of our company’s values & morals. It is important to us that our employees, who are our most important & valued capital, happily stay with us at the Afroshine Holdings family. Therefore, we ensure that our employees needs are met with offering flexible & fair work hours, attractive package benefits, a handful of opportunities for development, a possitive & professional work environment, and plenty of room for individuality, uniqueness, growth and promotion in order to be able to climb the corporate ladder.


And of course every year Afroshine Holdings proudly and faithfully supports and participates in the Mandela day, during this day we make sure that we have fun while we are firmly dedicated to promoting the spirit of Ubuntu and brotherhood.




Afroshine Corporate Social Responisbility, Nelspruit Afroshine Nelson Mandela Day UBUNTU

Afroshine Holdings Social Responsibility | Nelspruit Printing & Branding Services | Mbombela Catering & events Management Services | Mpumalanga Hiring & Sanitation Services | Nelspruit Public Relations PR | Mpumalanga Facility & Conference Management

Afroshine Holdings is a large business enterprise based in Nelspruit(Mbombela/Lowveld) Mpumalanga as well as Gauteng Johannesburg. Offering many service sector divisions such as Public Relations (PR), Printing & Branding Services, Mobile Toilet Hire, Vehicle Branding, Catering & Eventing/Banqueting Services, Hiring & Sanitation Services, Hire Equipment for large functions, Facility & Conference Management sevices

Afroshine Holdings Social Responsibility, Nelspruit(Mbombela/Lowveld)Mpumalanga,Gauteng Johannesburg; Public Relations division, PR Services Nelspruit, Printing Services Nelspruit, Corporate Branding Services Mbombela, Vehicle Branding in Nelspruit, Catering Services Nelspruit, Eventing/Banqueting Services Mpumalanga, Mobile Toilet Hie Nelspruit, Large Events Hiring Services Mpumalanga, Hiring & Sanitation Services Lowveld, Hire Equipment Mpumalanga, Facility Management, Conference Management sevices Nelspruit










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Afroshine Holdings in Nelspruit/Lowveld, Mbombela, Mpumalanga. Printing & Branding, Public Relations, Catering Services, Hiring & Sanitation Services, Facility & Conference Management


Head Office
Tel: +27 13 753 3988
Fax: +27 13 752 5926


Postal Address:
P O Box 8558
Sonpark 1206

Physical Address:
9 Stinkout Building No 5, Crescent
West Acres-Nelspruit


Gauteng Branch:
Tel: +27 11 492 0347
Fax: +27 11 492 0380


Contact Afroshine Holdings in Nelspruit Today For all your Public Relations and printing and eventing requirements

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